Jeremy Blower.jpeg

Jeremy blower

With 40 years in the food industry, I founded Unique Fine Foods and run the business today with my daughter, Amelia. Having started working life in the army, I joined civilian life with a certain amount of relief and awe.

After six months as a food marketing consultant I realised that food was an adventure and people’s lives were a journey which in most cases are centred around food. Living, celebration and times of joy or sadness - all need interesting and high quality eating. 

The most wonderful aspect of running my own company, apart from the products, is working with my family which leads to memorable rows as well as joy!  I also enjoy being able to interface with other nationalities especially Italian families who, with fascinating and very different cultures, I've become friends over the last nearly 20 years.


Amelia Wellings-Thomas.jpeg

Amelia wellings-thomas

I have worked in the food industry for nearly 20 years and today look after the sales side of the business. Food and thoughts of food make up most my average day.

I used to live in Russia in the early 90s where I was first faced with bare shelves and had to incorporate what was available into my cooking repertoire otherwise I wouldn’t eat.  I am thankful for the huge choice of foods we have in the UK and the culinary ideas and stimulation this creates. At home, I love throwing in a bit of this and a bit of that into the cooking.   

My favourite cook book is Simplissime by Jean François Mallet.



Jeanette Townsend

I joined Unique Fine Foods in 2012 as Technical Manager.

I have a Food Studies Degree from the University of Wales, since when I've worked for Heinz Frozen & Chilled Desserts, 3663 and most recently as a technologist at Sainsbury's in various categories including, beers, wines & spirits, impulse and grocery.

I enjoy working with a mix of brands and own brands and developing products under Unique Fine Foods own label.  I love travelling and visiting all our factories where we have established great partnerships.



MAUdie Shaw

I've looked after some of the bookkeeping, product development and generally Girl Friday since 2002.

My great interest is in food and using our products in interesting and innovative ways to develop recipes for our customers to enjoy. This has involved visiting the areas, in the Mediterranean region where our products are sourced, and eating locally, very much taking note of the places our suppliers recommend that present simple, authentic dishes.